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What is "farm HACCP"?

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I'm Nobuhiro Sasaki from the Pig Farming Division. This time I would like to introduce you to the farm HACCP that I am a member of and promote!
First of all, has anyone ever heard of the word HACCP?
What is HACCP?
Analysis and
It is an initial of .
In other words, Hazard Analysis is carried out in advance for hazards that may occur in the food manufacturing and processing stages, and Critical Control Points (Critical Control Points) are used to determine what precautions should be taken at which stage. ) is one of the hygiene management methods to ensure product safety.
…is it difficult?
Roughly speaking, let's make safe food by finding in advance the processes that seem to be dangerous in the manufacturing process and their causes, and deciding on countermeasures! This is the method.
The farm version of this, that is, the one that targets the production process of livestock and eggs that become meat, is called "Farm HACCP."
Our pig farming division and poultry farming division have obtained HACCP certification for this farm.
In the pig farming division to which I belong, we work to maintain the "pig" that is the meat, in a safe condition from birth until it is shipped to the slaughterhouse.
However, staff who work in that environment on a regular basis tend to overlook some aspects, or fall into a situation where they are the only ones who know.
Therefore, at our company, we go beyond the boundaries between divisions and point things out to each other, such as, ``Isn't this dangerous because it's XX?'' and ``This looks like it's going to be... so we need to be careful!''
Things may be overlooked by the person in charge who sees them on a regular basis, or noticed when pointed out by other staff members.
The photo below shows employees from the Pig Farming Division reviewing the efforts of the Poultry Farming Division. (We are currently checking to see if there are appropriate entry rules)

In this way, we are working every day to further improve our farm HACCP efforts.
I've heard that HACCP-certified foods will be the standard for foreigners visiting Japan for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
In the future, food safety will become more important than ever.
Under these circumstances, we will continue to work hard as a pioneer of farm HACCP, and will do our best to deliver even safer, more secure, and delicious pork and eggs to everyone!
Hog Farming Division Hanaizumi Farm Nobuhiro Sasaki

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