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Ark Co., Ltd. is proceeding with the establishment of "Type A Offices" as a new initiative as a company.

A type A business is a place that provides support for people with disabilities so that they can get regular employment and live an independent life in the community.

Until now, Ark Co., Ltd. has provided general employment for people with handicaps, but we have decided to focus not only on employment support but also on family support and transportation backup. We have established a specified non-profit organization (NPO corporation) and are working to obtain business licenses.

We plan to obtain certification for the establishment of the corporation in December, and are planning to apply for business license in the new year.

We are in discussions with various organizations to begin offering work tours and workplace experience for those aiming to find employment in December.

In this way, we hope that through our activities we can revitalize the region even a little.

Since this is my first time doing this, there are many things I don't understand, so I'm going to move forward with the support of the people around me.

I will update the progress on my blog, so please keep an eye on it.

Corporate Planning Office Tamura

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