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Tategamori Plateau Pork Premier Cru has arrived! !

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It's getting really cold,
I took my coat and muffler to the cleaners on my day off.
Looks like I'll be working a muffler from around next week.

Well, there was an introduction on the HP,
As a premium version of Tategamori Kogen Pork
The first-class “Tategamori Kogen Pork Premier Cru” has been available since last week.
It has been shipped sequentially! ! ! !

It was also Sasaki's first pasture-raised pig since joining the company.
I just couldn't help but try the Tategamori Plateau Pork Premier Cru Full Course.
I applied and tried it at home.

Premier Cru has the umami flavor of lean meat,
Maintaining the good characteristics of Tategamori Kogen pork
It had a more upgraded taste.

Pork, especially recommended for men.
There is no stress due to grazing,
You can see that it has grown freely.

However, some people say, ``I can't eat all of it at once.'' ``Start with a small amount.''
Providing customers with information that is actually relevant to them...

Oh my God! ! ! !

Saturday and Sunday, November 12th and 13thMitsukoshi Ginza Store B1F Niyukiin
We have decided to sell it for a limited time!

During these two days, I, Sasaki, will also be here to introduce you.
If you are interested, please come and visit us! !

Tokyo Office
Koudai Sasaki

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