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Tategamori Gottsuo Marathon is scheduled to be held! !

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It's already early this year, and it's already October, and the nights are getting quite chilly!
This month too, Tategamori Ark Farm will be holding a harvest festival on October 8th and 9th!
Speaking of autumn, it's sweet potatoes! ! Why not enjoy delicious sweet potato hotpot? (^^♪
There will also be a mini live (^^)/
Let's talk about the Harvest Festival, and then we'll talk about next year.
This year will be the 8th Tategamori Kaze Festival 2017!
As the first event, we are planning to hold the Tategamori Gottsuo Marathon, which was very popular last time!
The course is scheduled to be 11.5 km and 2.5 km from the start of Hana to Izumi Park to Tategamori Kogen Hotel, the goal!
How about spending a day working up a good sweat during the marathon, filling your empty stomach with delicious Tategamori Plateau pork gourmet food, and relaxing your tired body in a hot spring? !
Date: Sunday, January 29, 2017
Reception: Tategamori Kogen Hotel
Course: Flower and Izumi Park → Tategamori Kogen Hotel (11.5km & 2.5km)
Participation benefits: ① Tategamori special lunch
②Relaxing hot spring ticket
③Tategamori souvenir set
④Mini concert
⑤Mochi behavior
Participation fee: 3,500 yen for adults, 1,500 yen for elementary school students and younger
Contact: Flower and Izumi Park TEL0191-82-4066
We have started accepting applications, so we look forward to receiving your applications (*^-^*)
Autumn is great, but we hope you can visit Tategamori in winter as well!
Event executive committee member Sho Sasaki

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