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From the Tokyo office!

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Hello! nice to meet you.

My name is Kashimoto and I joined the company mid-career this spring.
I work at the Tokyo office as a corporate sales representative.

The job includes producing products that are carefully produced on the farm.
Introducing retailers in the Kanto area, coordinating orders,
We offer promotional suggestions.

In order to provide our customers with delicious products,
The end of the relay that each department carefully connected,
This is the department that delivers products to business partners and customers.

We want more people to know about the products of "Tategamori Ark Farm",
We hope to help you maintain a rich diet,
I am struggling every day.

Well, the characteristics of "Tategamori Ark Farm"'s products are, to say the least,
We are pursuing "safety" and "tastiness".

Always from customers
“It’s great that there are no additives.”
“This is delicious! ”
We have received a lot of feedback.

And I also came across a product that moved me the other day, so
Let me introduce you.

That's it,
Moreover, it is cut and tailored! !

In fact, we are currently exhibiting at Kashiwa Takashimaya's ``Daiwate Exhibition.''
Therefore, we are selling these by weight.

This is what the farm sent me...

Cut it at the store.

Look at this shine!

Schenkelshinken is
Refers to bacon from parts with a lot of lean meat (thighs).

The moistness, softness, and flavor of the pork.

Because it has a low melting point, the fat melts quickly in your mouth and does not feel greasy.
It will overturn your concept of bacon! It's exquisite!

Usually, retail stores cut and pack items.
We are selling it.
Of course it's delicious too! !
It's delicious, but...

"Cutting and tailoring" is unique to selling by weight.
It is a special dish that is hard to eat.
(This is my first time getting it too!)

Kashiwa Takashimaya's ``Great Wate Exhibition'' is on display until September 13th.
If you live in the Kanto area, please come and visit us.

With Chief Sasaki, who is reputed to look like Ryucheru.
We'll be expecting you!

Tokyo Office
Masako Kashimoto

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