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moving pigs

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​Today, I would like to write a little about the "movement" of pigs.

Newborn piglets change rooms (stages) twice before shipping.

​Moving this room is called "moving".

​When you get out of the room, walk the narrow passage and put it on the truck and take it to the next room.

​The hardest part about moving is that the pigs don't move forward.
​Since pigs are timid creatures, they are very sensitive to things they see and touch for the first time (although some pigs are insensitive).
​If there is wind, sunlight, sound, or something that bothers you, you will stop walking.
​Because the passage is narrow, if someone stops, a traffic jam will occur in no time.

​Especially in the summer, if there is a traffic jam, the heat will put a lot of stress on the pigs.
Also, moving out of a familiar room is stressful for pigs.
In order to reduce the stress on the pigs as much as possible, we put boards to block the sunlight so that the pigs can walk smoothly.

​I try to keep the pig's feelings in mind as much as possible, even when I'm on the move or when I'm working.

From Fujisawa Farm Mama Buta, Pig Farming Division


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