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The eggs at Ark Farm will hatch into chicks!

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Hello. This is Ito from the Tategamori Ark Farm Poultry Farming Department.

​The old eggs we raise and the eggs commonly sold at supermarkets include:
There is one big difference.

Eggs commonly sold at supermarkets are unfertilized eggs that do not hatch into chicks even if heated.
Old eggs from Tategamori Ark Farm are fertile eggs that will hatch into chicks if kept warm for a long period of time.
This means that eggs have life, power, and energy that cannot be expressed in numbers.

This difference lies in the breeding method.
Generally, chickens are raised in small cages with roosters and hens separated.
Eggs produced by hens raised in this environment will be unfertilized.

However, at Tategamori Ark Farm, they are kept on pasture as shown in the image below.

In this way, when a rooster and hen are raised in the same environment in a healthy manner, fertile eggs will be produced.

By the way, if you keep a fertilized egg at a temperature of about 38 degrees for about 3 weeks, it will give birth to a chick (if you do it carefully and properly).

The possibility is very high.

It's quite difficult, but why not try it with old eggs you bought at Tategamori Ark Farm?

​ Poultry Farming Department Hiroki Ito

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