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Although we are in the midst of Golden Week, it has been raining since the morning. The wind was strong and the weather was disappointing.

Nera and her friends from ``Tamago Hiroi'' were unable to go outside, so they spent today at the indoor playground.

Tamagohiroi was unable to set up the tent for the reception and toll booth, so it was waiting inside the chicken house and operating quietly.

Business hours are from 11am.
Many customers came to see us despite the bad weather!

When I opened the lid of the nest box, I was surprised to find a chicken inside!
Did you get the egg from under the chicken's belly? ?

I received nice reactions and good smiles (^-^)! !
thank you!

It was near evening and the sky became clear.

Twilight sky and herd of red deer.

I hope it's sunny tomorrow.

Ayumi Sugawara, Poultry Department

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