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Very popular! ! All-you-can-stuff aged potatoes

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At Tategamori Ark Farm, organic, pesticide-free potatoes grown in the fields are enclosed during the winter to ripen at low temperatures.

Currently, we are selling all-you-can-fill potatoes at the farm market.

There are two types: Baron and May Queen, and you can fill as many bags as you can for 150 yen each.

These potatoes are grown organically and without pesticides, and are grown with great care by our farm department staff.

It's gentle on the body, and as it ages, the starch turns into sugar, making it very delicious and safe to eat.

It's been two weeks since we started the all-you-can-eat service, and it has been very well received. For customers who have enjoyed unlimited packing,

"Today, I think I'll buy some meat from here and make some meat and potatoes," or "I wonder if I can eat this much?"

It seems like he's thinking about a lot of things. (*^_^*) It was fun, I'll come again. Some customers go home saying

There you are.

This popular all-you-can-stuff aged potatoes is available at Tategamori Ark Farm inside the Farm Market store.

It's held at the organic vegetable corner, so everyone in the area can enjoy it as much as you like! ! Please give it a try.

Farm Market Rika Senda

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