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Bakery Spring News

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Hello! It's starting to feel a lot like spring. At the farm market, in a planter near the entrance.
Cute pansies were planted.

It seems like it will still take a while for the weather to warm up, but at the bakery
There are some things to be especially careful about during the cold season.
The air becomes dry and static electricity is more likely to occur.
Hair, clothing fibers, dust, etc. can easily stick to it.
When entering the manufacturing room, I carefully put on my work clothes and wear my commuting clothes as much as possible.
I try to wear clothes made of materials that do not have fibers that easily come off.
Tomorrow marks the end of February. Two new spring products will be available in stores starting in March.
Sakura bread ¥150 Apple jam bread ¥250


Please come to Tategamori Ark Farm to feel the spring.

               Farm Market Bakery Misae Sato


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