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Can we see animals during the winter season?

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It's February and the weather is getting colder.
The animals are also living a healthy life with winter preparations.

Now, regarding the current state of the animals at Ark Farm, you can see everything other than sheep.
Red deer live in herds and feed side by side.

When the deer with the largest antlers moves while feeding, the other deer startle and scatter all at once.
The person in charge is on the lookout every day to make sure the deer do not injure each other.
Small fawns will happily approach you if you bring them a bag of food.
That's the only time I'm surrounded by deer.

The sheep are waiting for spring in the shed.
The lambs born last year are also growing steadily.

When I feed them, they all line up at the feeder and eat.
Please look forward to the release in spring.

Poultry Farming Department Keijiro Omote

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