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It's getting noticeably colder, but there's less snow this winter than usual.

I'm grateful for my fear of snowy roads! !

However, winter may be a little disappointing for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Everyone, please be careful when driving on snowy roads in winter.

Well, last year, Ark Farm released ``Shumai'' as a new product.

We use 100% Tategamori Plateau pork, and the shumai skin is also made from pesticide-free organic wheat produced on the farm.

Of course no additives! ! ! ! ! !

How does it taste? ? ?

Steam in a steamer for about 10 minutes, microwave for about 3 minutes (depending on the wattage)

This shumai has a firm texture and the juicy meat fills your mouth.

However, shumai can be deep-fried or coated with potato starch and fried in oil.

Chinese style with sweet and sour sauce

Sprinkle with tomato sauce, top with cheese and heat in the microwave.

Western-style shumai is ready! !

Shumai can be transformed into a variety of dishes by frying in oil without losing its shape.

We hope that you will enjoy Ark Farm's products in various ways.

From now on, winter will be in full swing.

I want to get through this winter by taking good care of my health.

see you···

Sales Department Yoshie Iwabuchi

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