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Regular flights to Tategamori Ark Farm come with these benefits!

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hello everyone. This is Chiba from the sales department.
Today is Nanakusa Gayu Day, a day when we eat porridge containing seven spring herbs and pray for good health.
I have also been eating Nanakusa porridge since morning.
My children don't really like eating porridge, so every year I think of different ways to eat it.
I've tried making rice porridge to give it some flavor, adding it to udon noodles, and sometimes even making it into kakiage (kakiage). !
(Even though it's porridge to soothe a tired stomach during the New Year...)
I feel that we must continue to teach children about this food culture.

Well, today I would like to introduce you to some great information about Ark Farm's regular flights, which is also in the blog title.

[Part 1] Get a pair of tickets to Tategamori Ark Farm!
☆ Why not enjoy your holiday by walking around the farm, having lunch, and shopping on the way home? ☆

[Part 2] Free shipping, even if you place an additional order, it will be free if it can be combined!
☆If shipping is free, you may want to purchase one more item for that amount☆

[Part 3] You can collect points and exchange them for products! (If you have subscribed to multiple regular flights,
What! Double points! ! )
☆When you want to eat something delicious on an important anniversary, you can also use points☆

It is possible to shift the delivery week or take a day off.
Please feel free to contact us♪

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