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Warm and easy recipes recommended for winter

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Hello! farm market bakery
My name is Misae Sato.
The weather is getting colder, and I can't wait for warm spring weather.
The winter solstice is almost here, and when it comes to winter solstice, it's pumpkins! ! !
at the farm market
We also have a lot of pumpkins available.
Please buy it.
Today I thought about it together with Mr. Hatakeyama, who is in charge of sweets.
Made with country rye, a nutritious bread perfect for cold mornings.
Introducing breakfast recipes.

Ingredients Country Rye (whole wheat and rye bread)
Raclette (natural cheese from Kyodo Gakusha, Hokkaido)
Egg soup (new release! Additive-free soup using old eggs)
*All items can be purchased at the farm market.

How to make ① Put cheese on sliced country rye
② Pour hot water into the soup and add toasted bread.
I'll ride it.

This is all you need to make a simple hot breakfast.
Made with fresh winter vegetables from the farm market
Adding salad or ohitashi gives a good balance.
I think it will be breakfast. Please try it.

9 months after joining ARK, I am grateful for the kindness of everyone around me.
Thanks to strong support, we were able to survive the busy season.
thank you.

Just a few more days left this year, go to the farm market to warm your heart and body
Please come and visit us ☆

Farm Market Misae Sato


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