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BBQ during Silver Week♪

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Autumn weather is continuing to shine ♪ Of course it's good to have a midsummer BBQ, but this is the season! It's perfect for BBQ♪
We look forward to using you during the upcoming Silver Week (*^_^*)
In order to make your experience more delicious and enjoyable, we have listed some frequently asked questions.
*Prohibition of bringing in
Please order from the menu at the farm market.
*Pets are prohibited from entering the room.
Unlike the previous BBQ area, it is separated from the outside passageway. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to customers traveling with pets, and appreciate your understanding.
※no smoking
There is a smoking area at the back entrance of the farm market, so please use it.

And then, when you pay your bill and go home, you can pick up some souvenirs at the farm market. .
Takashimaya's popular product, salt bread, is now on sale at the store♪

Mini breads that can be enjoyed at Restaurant Til's are now available in stores! !

Limited time product Cookie BOX ♪ Sachet ♪ Shoe keeper ♪
Everything is carefully handmade! !
We also have a wide selection of fresh meat and sausages, so please come and visit us (^-^)

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