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Milan Expo

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The other day, I went to Milan Expo in Italy.

The theme of this year's Expo is "Feeding the Earth, Energy for Life."
The Expo, which is expected to attract approximately 20 million visitors, will feature exhibits introducing the food cultures of 140 countries around the world and the latest technology, with themes such as the food crisis and energy issues of the near future. It looks like this.
The venue area is 110ha, which is larger than the area of our ranch!

There is a 2-3 hour wait for exhibition halls in popular countries. (Disneyland?!)
Is it a 2-3 day course to see everything?
Among them, in Japan, we had to wait for 3 hours, so we had to give up admission due to the schedule. .

However, while I wish the restaurant exhibitors had been able to promote Japan's unique culture a little more, I also got a glimpse of each company's overseas strategies.

In any case, there is no doubt that our agricultural industry, like other industries, will undergo a wave of change in the near future due to the rapid innovation of cutting-edge technologies such as ICT and AI (artificial intelligence). (Already here)
We must also look broadly at other industries, not just within our industry, and firmly ride the waves of change that will come in the future.

That's what I got to experience first-hand at this Expo!

If you have a chance, please do! !
Tomoatsu Hashimoto

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