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Meister Club trial set published in Kahoku Shimpo tabloid

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This is Honma from the sales department.

In a tabloid spread of Kahoku Shimpo on July 23rd.
An advertisement for Tategamori Ark Farm has been published!

We would like to introduce the products that our current sales department highly recommends.
Have you all seen it?

The products featured are
[Tategamori Meister Club]That is,
This is a set of ham and sausage.

Every month, the person in charge selects from Ark Farm's many hams and sausages.
We carefully select the products and send them to you, so you don't have to worry about ordering them.
I'm looking forward to seeing what will arrive.

again,Free shipping tooSo it's a great deal! !

Even more!Free shipping on additional items orderedWhat is it?

First, try out our products with a trial set.

Please see the product page for details ↓

We look forward to your orders.

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