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To prevent summer fatigue! !

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This year's rainy season is a dry and dry rainy season.
The temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius every day, and I'm suffering from summer fatigue before the full-fledged summer arrives.
It looks like it's going to happen.
I love summer, but I don't want to eat because it's hot... I need stamina! ! So that's it
Sometimes I end up eating too much and my stomach feels heavy (this happens all year round lol)
Recommended for people who get tired from drinking too much water or who are gluttons like me.
Fresh herbal tea made with freshly harvested herbs.

This time I would like to introduce lemongrass, lemon verbena, and lemon balm.
All of them have a lemon scent that helps relieve fatigue, refreshes, and calms the stomach and intestines.
Pour hot water to the amount of konomi and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
It's refreshing and very delicious!

For those who like alcohol, herbal sake is also good.
Lemongrass Lemon verbena is soaked in white liquor with sugar and taken out after a month.
It has an appetite-stimulating effect.
It's good to blend a lot of things and find your favorite.
I would like you to try it.

Farm Department Yukie Chiba

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