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What is a fresh egg?

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How can you tell if a fresh egg is fresh?

These are frequently asked questions by our customers.
There are many ways to tell the difference, such as the roughness of the eggshell and the method of using salt water, but I will tell you the easiest way to tell the difference.

If the white part of the egg rises up around the yolk, it is considered to be very fresh.

This part is called the thick egg white, and over time it becomes watery and loses its firmness.

Another thing is that the egg whites are cloudy.
This is carbon dioxide gas, and the fresher the egg, the more it contains.
If you boil eggs, it may be difficult to peel them, but this happens more often when there is a lot of carbon dioxide.
If you boil eggs about a week after they were born, the shells will be easier to peel.

Be sure to enjoy freshly laid eggs with egg-cooked rice!

Poultry Department Takumi Makino

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