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spring and deer

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The daffodils and Japanese cornels on the ranch have started to bloom and have become colorful little by little.

It's not just flowers that announce the arrival of spring, but animals also tell us about the arrival of spring in various ways.

The male peacocks are spreading their beautiful decorative feathers, and the ponies are starting to lose their winter fur...

Red deer lose their antlers once a year at this time.

It seems to fall from a male with a big horn (strong male),
Young males with small horns who have been oppressed until now are just here to get rid of the boss,
It is bullish to sell fights.

Chibi Kaku is stylish

(The horns of strong males, including bosses, grow faster as they leave first,
Even though I can see it getting bigger and bigger in a blink of an eye...)

The fallen corners are recovered as soon as possible while they are found.
This year's fall was a little different.

It was in the food box (did it fall while eating?)

It was caught on the fence (did you store it?)

Why? (laughs)
It was kind of funny when I found it.

The first male to lose its antlers has already grown new antlers like black bumps.
As it is, it will continue to grow with dark skin and hair.

When it had horns, I was feeding it while being careful not to get stung.
If it doesn't have horns, it's not so scary, so now I'm pretty bullish like a young male (laughs).

When I was taking pictures of the males, a friendly female approached me and took a picture.

It's a clash...

You're in the way...

Such a place was also an introduction to the cute spring red deer!

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management
Sugawara Ayumi

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