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Please wait a moment until the chickens are pastured

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Hello everyone.

At Tategamori Ark Ranch, chickens are pastured except during the winter season.
To prevent bird flu during the winter season, we keep our chickens free-range in the poultry house.

Normally, we would have started grazing at the beginning of April, but the start of grazing was postponed due to an outbreak of avian influenza in Iwate the other day.
I'm very sorry, but it was a decision to protect the chickens from bird flu.

If the bird flu subsides as it is, we plan to start grazing around mid-April.
Once a specific decision has been made, we will make an official announcement on our website.

Once the grazing is resumed, the above scene will be seen on the ranch.

Once we can show everyone the pasture scenery, we would appreciate it if you could come and visit us at the ranch!

Hiroki Ito, Agricultural Department

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