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Hello everyone!
It's very warm these days, and it feels like spring is coming.
At Ark Tategamori, the scenery that used to be green with cherry blossoms and magnolia magnolias at their best is now white and pink.
It is full of spring-like colors ♪
Every time I look around, my heart is healed, and I am working hard every day surrounded by such a scenery.

Well, today is the first day of pre-opening! It was a pre-opening while construction was still going on, but we have been preparing for this day so that all employees can welcome customers.

Here I would like to introduce a photo of the current Ark Tategamori.
The first picture is the scenery from the first parking lot.

On the left is the newly established [Farm Entrance], on the right is [Farm Market], and in the center are [BBQ Terrace] and [Restaurant Tills].

The second picture is a picture of Restaurant Tills.

At Restaurant Tills, we have increased the number of seats to welcome more customers than before. Of course, the buffet corner has also been upgraded, and there are menus using Tategamori Kogen pork, pesticide-free vegetables, old-fashioned eggs with fertilized eggs, and more! !

The 3th picture is a picture of the farm market store.
As soon as you enter the front entrance, you can see the biggest selling point of the farm market, the meat section that aims to be the world's best pork specialty store. In addition to the products that are lined up in the store, we also do custom cuts, so please feel free to contact us!

In addition to meat, we also sell additive-free ham and sausages, delicatessen, sweets and bread, vegetables, eggs, etc.
In addition, we sell soft serve ice cream, steamed pork buns, mini grilled sausages, herbal teas, and more at the welcome shop Kinomi.

The 4th picture is a picture of the farm entrance. The farm entrance is also the entrance gate, and we sell various herb seedlings and flower seedlings! It is covered with glass, and it is an open space, so please come and visit.

Finally, the date and time of the grand opening is April 28th (Friday).
We started today as a pre-opening, but we would like to proceed so that we can welcome customers in a perfect position for the grand opening.

We are waiting for you at Ark Tategamori♪

Production Sales Department Raimu Hatakeyama

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