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"Sausage steak [pork tongue]" new release

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How are you doing in GW?

The land of Tategamori has been reopened and many customers are visiting.

Tohoku's first organic restaurant "Till's" also has 100 seats, so many people can enjoy it.

Please visit the new Ark Tategamori.

By the way, the new product "Sausage Steak [Pork Tongue]" has been released on this 5/1 (Monday)!

Uses meat and tongue from the branded pork "Tategamori Kogen Pork".

No preservatives, colorings, binding agents, umami seasonings, coloring agents, or bulking agents are used.

The texture is rich and the juicy taste is irresistible. It is recommended to lightly bake in a frying pan and enjoy.

Please try it once. It's also good for BBQ in the coming season.

Sales Department Kazuto Matsuura

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