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The Herb & Plant Shop has been powered up!

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I'm Chiba, in charge of the Herb & Plant Shop.

With the renewal, the sales floor has expanded about three times more than before, and it is now possible to display a variety of flower seedlings and pots.

The high-ceilinged, glass-enclosed store is open and bright with natural light entering the store.

In addition to flower seedlings, the store also has a large selection of antique pots and junk goods.

There are many herbs and flower seedlings lined up outside the store.

Rare seedlings are also sold, so please stop by to find your favorite.

You can experience the "workshop" in the store without a reservation.

"Snow Globe" made by choosing your favorite mascot is very popular with children!

The contents of the workshop will change depending on the day, so please look forward to it when you visit us.

Yukie Chiba, Agricultural Department

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