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Visit Ark Tategamori even on rainy days

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A typhoon is approaching and it looks like it will be a chilly day with rain from the morning.

It would be nice if you could spend a relaxing time eating warm food so that you don't get cold and catch a cold♪

Please come to ARK Tategamori even on such a rainy day!

We had a grand opening at the end of April.

It was a very nice place before the opening, but it has been reborn as an even better place♪

At the farm market, you can find carefully selected products, and the space is very spacious and spacious.

At Restaurant Tills, the view from the wide windows is really beautiful and soothing.

While enjoying the scenery, it is a happy time to eat exquisite dishes made with carefully selected ingredients produced in ARK Tategamori.

Of course it's a sunny day! !

We hope that you can relax and enjoy your meal and shopping even when it rains.

Heal your mind and body! We hope that you will visit ARK Tategamori.

Production Sales Department Raimu Hatakeyama

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