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A new member joins Wanpaku Hiroba! !

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It's been a rainy day, isn't it?

Blessed rain for plants.

What about animals...

In Wanpaku Square, there are 5 unique ponies and 2 white-faced Corridale sheep that I introduced in my previous blog.

And two new Suffolk sheep have joined the group.

These two were raised in an animal house, but moved here because the pasture ran out of grass.

Two born in April 2021. They are very friendly children.

Actually, there's a reason why they're so friendly.

Righttough boy(* I just call it arbitrarily and it is not the official name yet) is

It seems that the mother sheep abandoned child care shortly after birth, and the mother sheep is unknown. It was my first artificial feeding, and I raised it through trial and error. As a successful example, the experience is also utilized in subsequent lambs. Now that he has grown so big and is not afraid of people at all, he is a problem child who will not be swayed even if he is scolded and will escape if he has the chance.

Lamb tough boy.
Milk Goku Goku.

on the leftPocky(*It is not an official name yet, just called by the staff)

He was originally friendly, but he was very greedy, and he jumped over the fence trying to eat the food next to him. I feel sorry for him, but he's a bit silly... but thanks to the treatment (almost a natural healing power), he made a miraculous recovery. It's cute that it's a little bent because an amateur (me) did the bone grafting.

painful fractures. handmade gibbons.
Full recovery. Doya.

They don't like the heat, they don't like bugs like horseflies and flies outside, and they don't like getting wet in the rain...(-_-;)

As a result, they tend to withdraw into huts with Corridale.

I think it will come out when it gets a little cooler, so if you find it, please give it to me (^^)

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management

Sugawara Ayumi

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