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I love everyone! General affairs department (^^)

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Hello! How are you all spending your time in the daily heat?

Since I joined the company, I have been in the pig farming department, but this time I was assigned to the general affairs department, which is an "unsung hero". Every day is full of things to remember, and for the first time in a while, I'm remembering what it felt like when I first joined the company.

My current responsibilities include arranging feed for the pig farming division and managing employee information. However, I feel that all of these jobs are important for smooth day-to-day business operations.

What I hope for is the completion of the Safety Green Cross!

Attach a green magnet on days when there are no industrial accidents, and attach yellow or red magnets on days when there are no accidents.

After one month of no accidents, the Green Cross will be completed. I hope every day that this Green Cross will be completed every month.

When dealing with living things and nature, we often encounter unexpected scenes and situations. nevertheless! I will do my best so that all of my beloved employees can continue their work without getting injured!

To everyone reading this blog, please take care of yourself and stay in good health despite the intense heat.

General Affairs Department Nobuhiro Sasaki

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