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About the charm of Tategamori Plateau pork

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everyone. How are you?
Ark Tategamori A healthy old man from the natural food restaurant “Til’s”.
My name is Grandpa Miura and I am in charge of the main kitchen.

Well, today we will talk about the main ingredients of Ark Tategamori.
I would like to write about "Tategamori Kogen Pig".

First of all, the meat and fat are both extremely high quality.
And there is no habit at all,
It can be used with any kind of cuisine.

For example, this pork is pure white construction paper,
We chefs can freely add color to it.
That's what meat is.

Then, we use cooking methods that match the various parts of the ingredients.
To make it even more delicious and enjoyable for our customers
I always approach cooking with this mindset in mind.

The dishes at Till's are made with this in mind.
We will be very happy if you enjoy it.

Always feeling the joy of making our customers happy
I will continue to face my work.

Visit of many Ark Tategamori fans
We look forward to seeing you.

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