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Finally, "that" manufactured product is available for mail order! !

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The new product "Tategamori Kogen Pork Sausage Steak Pork Tongue" is finally available on the online shop!

This is a juicy dish that uses pork tongue from Tategamori Kogen pork, a rare part, mixed into the sausage batter, and uses garlic grown in Aomori Prefecture to enhance the flavor. The addictive crunchy texture unique to pork tongue is irresistible♪

This product goes well with beer and can also be enjoyed as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. Until now, it was only available in stores, but from October it will also be available for mail order.

Furthermore, to commemorate the start of the release, this production product will be available for orders only during October.10x pointsWe are also running a campaign.

Free shipping if the product price is 10,000 yen or moreAppetite Autumn CampaignIt's available until October 13th, so be sure to order it for your next evening drink♪

★Click here to order★

Marketing Department Ryosuke Abe

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