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Do you know about the wheat used in bread and sweets?

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Hello everyone!

This is Onodera Musashi from the Bakery Manufacturing and Sales Department.

Did you know that the wheat used in the bread and sweets we make at our bakery is extremely valuable?

According to a survey, Japan has a self-sufficiency rate of 12% in domestic wheat, of which 3% is wheat for bread, and only 0.05% of that is organic wheat.

There are very few shops nationwide that grow their own wheat and make bread and sweets using the wheat they produce, but when it comes to organic wheat, there are almost none.

However, at Ark Tategamori, we grow all of this rare organic wheat in-house, and we only use organic wheat produced in-house to make bread and sweets!

We are proud to make delicious breads and sweets using rare and valuable organic wheat produced in-house, and are selling them at Ark Tategamori Farm Market, so please come and try them out!

■Ark Tategamori Farm Market <Wheat display>

■Bread and sweets made using organic wheat produced in-house

Production and Sales Department Bakery Manager Onodera Musashi

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