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Things to keep in mind when dealing with pigs

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This is deer hair from Hanaizumi Farm, Pig Farming Division.
I am currently in charge of the health management and breeding of sows at the breeding farm.

We also keep male pigs in the breeding farm to induce heat in the sows.
While mother pigs are generally timid, male pigs are very curious and can be aggressive.

Their bodies are also larger than sows, and large individuals are said to weigh between 250 and 300 kg.
A major characteristic of males is that they emit a unique-smelling pheromone when approached.
This pheromone allows the male to approach the sow at the appropriate time for insemination.
The mechanism is that it comes into heat.

In any case, if you get the male excited, even adults can't compete with him.
When walking the male in front of the mother pig, guide him while holding a board.
When I first joined the company, there was a time when I was shoved in the face with the entire board.

When interacting with males, we put safety first, keep an appropriate distance, and try not to arouse them.
Once they get used to it, they can also have a cute side when you call them ``Hey'' and they will follow you.
There are currently two males in the multi-bred pig farm, but they don't have names, so we are thinking of naming them and calling them.

Possible names are Red Rice and Jeep Plants.

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