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Agriculture and livestock department's 5S initiatives

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Ark Group has been working on 5S activities for about 10 years.

5S is carried out to improve and maintain the workplace environment, and is defined by five items: ``Sort'', ``Organize'', ``Cleanse'', ``Cleanliness'', and ``Discipline''.

The Agriculture and Pasture Department handles many things such as materials and heavy machinery used for work, and the scope of its activities is very wide. It's hard work, but it feels so good when you see them becoming beautiful and seeing them stay that way.

Some examples of 5S initiatives...

It's a room in the materials warehouse, but there are unnecessary items on the shelves and floor, and it appears to be a little disorganized.

This is due to 5S activities...


It was very refreshing. It looks better, and you can now use the free space to put things you need.

Regarding the vehicle operation record file installed in managed vehicles, I feel that the POP etc. are quite damaged.

This is···


The POP has been made new, and the two POPs have been combined into one, making it look better.

We are also working on 5S activities in various other places.

The entire Ark Group, including the Agricultural and Pasture Department, will continue to work on "5S" so that those who visit the farm are satisfied with the appearance.

Agricultural Department

Makoto Chiba

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