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yeah? We will also be holding a guided tour of the ``Scented Wind Garden,'' which is packed with the charms of lavender herbs, which are once again at their ``secret peak viewing time.''

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Lavender at Kaoru Kaze Garden, which finished its peak in June and was pruned in July.

Flowers have started blooming again since September, and now it's the "secret best time to see them."

Was it because of the hot summer? It seems that double blooming is a common occurrence.

Anyway, this is a wonderful bloom! It's full of fragrance. It's already in full bloom! !

The ``Scented Wind Garden'' spreads out in front of the farm entrance.

ArkThis garden is packed with the charm of Tategamori and the highlights of seasonal herbs and flowers.

Herbs are a pleasure to look at, touch and feel the soft leaves, and are soothed by their aroma, which awakens all five senses.

It is a garden of discovery and exploration, where we as staff discover new things every time we walk.

In that fragrant garden11Month4We will be holding a guided tour on Sunday and Saturday!

This is a guided tour led by a gardener who manages the garden throughout the year and knows everything about it.

We conduct tours according to age groups, and after the tour we have time to answer your questions and concerns.

Participation is free if you have an admission ticket! Don't miss it!

Click here for details

Hiroshi Yabe, Agricultural Department

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