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The season when eggs become even more delicious

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Hello everyone.

It's starting to get a lot colder in the mornings and evenings.

Even around Ark Tategamori, there are many days when the temperature at dawn drops below 5℃, and it seems that there was frost in some places the other day.

For this reason, farm staff are working day in and day out to warm up animal pens and agricultural facilities to prepare for winter before the weather gets too cold.

The chicken house has completed the first stage of winterization, and is working hard every day to provide a comfortable environment for the chickens.

By the way, cool weather is not a bad thing for chickens. They are very sensitive to heat, so they tend to be more comfortable and active.

And during the cooler months, eggs taste even more delicious than usual!


The answer is simple: it allows them to eat more food.

Chickens don't like heat. Therefore, they have to adjust their body temperature by eating less food and drinking more water to keep their body temperature from rising too high. As a result, the eggs that are produced have a lot of moisture and tend to taste bland.

However, in the cooler months, they become more active, take in plenty of food and water, and sleep soundly.

Such chickens produce eggs with firm and elastic yolks and egg whites.

It's the season when eggs become even more delicious.

Please enjoy the "Mukatsu Tamago".

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino

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