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I went from sweaty short-sleeved days to days where I wanted fluffy scarves and down jackets.

Hello. This is Oka from the West Japan Sales Office.

One of the things that makes us happy as producers is hearing from our customers.

We don't know the evaluation, but we create products every day with just the desire to create products that are good for the body and delicious.

The warm voices of our customers are very encouraging.

I received these words the other day.

"Your pigs are raised with great care, right? You can feel it when you eat them."

I am one of the people who are looking forward to showing off Tategamori Kogen Pig at the event.

Production site staff have almost no contact with customers, so it is difficult to receive customer opinions and impressions.

We are sharing the warm feedback we have received within the company and are encouraged by it.

Tomorrow, November 15th, is Ryoma Sakamoto's birthday as well as his death anniversary. You seemed to like “shamo nabe”,

Warm your body and soul on a cold night with Tategamori Kogen pork shabu-shabu.

West Japan Office Oka

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