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[Kansai] January store opening list

Kitchen car store information
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[January store opening schedule]
Happy New Year everyone 🎍
Thank you for your continued support this year.

We apologize for the delay in publishing the store opening schedule.
We are currently making arrangements to open a new store, but as soon as it is decided.
We will post it in the story (highlights) 🚗
We are looking forward to your visit 🐷

⚪️Business hours
①Kitaosaka Express Momoyamadai Station 16:00-20:00
② Hirakata Koen Station 11:30-20:00
③Kayashima Station 11:30-20:00
④Minoh Jiyu Gakuen 11:30-13:30
⑤Tsurumi Ryokuchi Seseragi Marche 9:00-16:00
⑦AND HOSTEL Shinsaibashi East 11:00-20:00
⑧Let's Yu Viva Onikuru *Distributed from time to time
⑧Rakusai Luxeine *Distributed from time to time

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