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Greetings of thanks for 2023

Kitchen car store information
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[Thank you for this year]
Started activities from September 1, 2023
It's the last day of this year.

Started operation
It's only been 3 months, but
Many customers, kitchen car friends,
I was able to meet the people involved who lent me the space to open the store.
Every day was fun and exciting.

Thank you everyone for letting me talk to you!

We will improve the exterior and products so that we can make further progress next year.
I have a lot of things planned.
I'll take your time, but I'll let you know what has changed little by little.
I would appreciate it if you could take a look.

Next year's goal is
①Sell delicious sausage to each person
② Create 100 repeat customers
③ Attend a big event
④Go out for drinks with my kitchen car friends🏃

The shopkeeper talks a lot and smiles a lot,
We look forward to your continued support next year.
And everyone
Have a good year.

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