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[Kansai] November store opening list updated (November 10th)

Kitchen car store information
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It's the time of year when we can gradually see the autumn leaves in Osaka.

Everyone, are you feeling okay as the seasons change?

Now, the number of store openings is increasing one after another. Please check it out🐽

⚪️Business hours

①Korien Station 11:30-20:00

② Hirakata Koen Station 11:30-20:00

③Kitaosaka Express Momoyamadai Station 16:00-20:00

④Maishima Marche 11:00-14:00 added on 11/19

⑤Charer Higashi-Toyonaka 11:00-19:00

⑥Oizumi Ryokuchi 10:00-17:00

⑦Sumitomo Life Keihan Branch 10:00-17:00 Opening on Saturday, November 11th

⑧ Yasman Ruins Park 10:00-17:00 Opening on Sunday, November 26th

⑨Kayashima Station (East Exit) 11:30-20:00 Store opening on 11/28 (Tue)

Manufacturing and Sales Department Takeuchi

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