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You’ve grown so big, haven’t you?

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Good evening.

I'm Sugawara, in charge of animals in the Agriculture Department.

Ichinoseki City, where snow symbols have started to appear in the weather forecast.

It looks like it's going to snow starting tonight. (in the forecast)

It should be cold from around evening on the street.

I'm not very good at cold weather, but the sheep with their fluffy fur and the ponies, which have already changed to winter coats, are really good at it.

naughty ponycreamYou are full of energy today as well.

Born in July 2020cream.

When I was sorting through my photo folder, I came across a cute cream from when she was a foal.

About 1 month old.
Falling asleep zzz.

So cute(*^^*)

mother'sWhiteyIf you look at the image with it, you can clearly see its growth.

About 2 weeks old.

About 2 months old.

After one year of birthWhiteyI lived separately from my mom.cream.

And last year, the two of them decided to live together again.

2 years after birth (lol).

As expected of a boy! She's a lot bigger than her mom!

Even though it has been a long time since we met, we are still father and son.

We quickly hit it off and became friends.

The father and son are still close friends and often spend time together.

We can meet at the Wanpaku Square♪

At dusk. Today's two.

Agriculture and Livestock Department Animals

Sugawara Ayumi

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