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Osaka kitchen car♪

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The other day, on a business trip to Kyoto, I stopped by Osaka and got a look at our kitchen truck, which has been making its Osaka debut since September of this year!

We are currently operating daily mainly in Takatsuki City and Hirakata City. The selling point is the farm's famous BBQ sausage ♪ And dog bread, a marriage of farm bread and BBQ sausage!

The staff member in charge is Mr. Takeuchi, who worked in the pig farming division for three years and is currently working in the production and sales division in his hometown of Osaka, where he drives around in a kitchen van and shows off his grilling skills.

In Osaka, where we have just made our debut, we are still developing new customers. However, this is not a completely new experience for our sales and marketing departments, which have customers all over the country. In fact, we have many customers who have been loyal to us for many years. We recently obtained a business license in Kyoto, so we will be opening there soon.

Please try our freshly baked piping hot BBQ sausages and freshly made dog bread in Osaka and Kyoto! A smiling Mr. Takeuchi will be waiting for you (lol)

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