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Would you like some sausage?

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Hello everyone!

This is Onodera Musashi from the bakery production and sales department, who is currently undergoing pig farming training.

Today, I would like to introduce some recommended sausages!

Have you ever eaten ham or sausage made with Tategamori Kogen pork?

Ark's sausages are made at Handmade Tategamori Ham Studio. At our ham factory, our products are made without any food additives. Such hams and sausages are characterized by the gentle and elegant taste of the ingredients.

Therefore, my recommendations are the ham and sausage sets: 6 types of ham and sausage, 7 types of ham and sausage, and 10 types of ham and sausage. You can taste and compare various hams and sausages, making it a product that I personally find highly satisfying.

How about this time of year as a year-end gift?

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