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Looking back on this year

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How many years has it appeared? This is Yuri Ono from Fujisawa Farm, Pig Farming Division.

In 2023, I entered my 13th year of pig farming...I left the weaning shed where I had been for 8 years and was assigned to a breeding pig farm! !

Up until now, I had been helping out by breeding and introducing animals to the farrowing shed, but that was only a few times a year.

When I start working in earnest, I use my brain more than I expected. Until now, I had been running a weaning shed based on my senses (?)

I'm currently learning a lot...(lol)

For the first three months, I used my head too much and was overloaded with things, so I had to clear my head every day and focus on what was right in front of me.

I was desperately trying to do my best. Even now, more than half a year later, I still find myself panicking and making mistakes.

I've been able to keep up with the conversation better than when I first started, and the types of tasks I'm being entrusted with have gradually increased! Every day is new and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

If you clear the breeding house (?), you will become one of the few valuable employees who have experienced all stages of breeding, including the farrowing house and weaning house.

I can become one, so I want to run towards that goal now ('ω')ノ

Aim to be a breeding master (*^-^*)

Pig Farming Division Fujisawa Farm

Yuri Ono

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