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[Ecole Tategamori] Part of the next Tategamori Gottsuo lunch will be released Part Ⅰ

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For the 9th Tategamori Gottsuo Marathon to be held on February 4th (Sunday) next year, we started accepting entries on e-Moshicom from October 1st, and thanks to you, tickets are as large as usual. It has been selling well.

There are only a few tickets left, but if you would like to experience the winter marathon in the nature-rich Tategamori area, please hurry by visiting the URL below!

・e-Moshicom URL 

(Application deadline: Sunday, December 17th)

■Tategamori Gottsuo Lunch

We will be releasing a portion of the next Tategamori Gottsuo lunch. This time, it's Ark Tategamori, Hana to Izumi Park.

[Ark Tategamori]

Lunch name: “Natural Food Restaurant Till’s Buffet”

The first restaurant in the Tohoku region to be certified as an organic restaurant. From this renewal, all soft drinks are now organic. Enjoy buffet-style cuisine created by a chef who knows everything about farm products.

[Flower and fountain park]

Lunch name: “Heartwarming Minestrone with Flowers and Spring & Japanese, Western, and Chinese Bento”

A Japanese, Western, and Chinese bento box that uses plenty of local ingredients, such as richly flavored minestrone with plenty of toppings, handmade hamburgers, shumai, and five-grain rice. It also includes the ``Tamagoyaki with lots of green onions'' that my mother, who is a chef, used to make in my memory as a cure for colds, and is filled with flowers and springs to warm the runners' bodies and souls even in the cold winter. It's lunch.

Next time, we will be revealing Tategamori Gottsuo Lunch at Tategamori Kogen Hotel and Iwate Safari Park. We look forward to seeing you!

Ecole Tategamori Secretariat

(Tatsuya Nakamura, General Affairs Department)

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