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Looking for contestants! "Midwinter Dinosaur Race"

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At Ark Tategamori, there are multiple committees whose members are selected across department boundaries.

I belong to the Event Committee, which is responsible for planning and managing large-scale events.

The first major events of 2024 will be the 9th Gottsuo Marathon and 15th Tategamori Kaze Festival, which will be held on February 4th (Sunday) in collaboration with local residents.

"Gottsuo Marathon" is a marathon event where you can literally enjoy a "feast" of food and behavior that local facilities are proud of. Although it is a course with many ups and downs, the number of participants is increasing year by year, as there is a lot of homely hospitality, and the ``relaxedness'' that allows cosplay participation is also appealing.

Fujisawa-cho, Ichinoseki City is a cold city with an average minimum temperature of -6 degrees in winter. The Tategamori Kaze Festival was started with the desire to let as many people as possible know about the charm of winter in this area. ``We want to make this an event that can be enjoyed by energetic wind kids who don't give up on the cold!'' We are planning events that can be enjoyed even in the cold, such as kite flying and chambara battles!

This year's featured project is the "Midwinter Dinosaur Race."

At the Tategamori Kaze Festival, we will be taking on the unique dinosaur costume race that has recently become popular around the world for the first time. We are also planning to sell dinosaur costumes so that not only those who participate in dinosaur races across the country, but also those who are new to dinosaur races, can participate on the spot. I want to make it a new specialty of Tategamori in winter! With this in mind, the committee members will elaborate on the idea.

Looking for contestants! We are looking forward to receiving many entries!

Click here to apply

Please come and visit us with your family and friends on Sunday, February 4th!

Event/Customer Satisfaction Improvement Committee Hiroshi Yabe

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