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This year's goal is "cooperation and cooperation"

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happy new year. My name is Hiroshi Sasaki from Ark Agriculture and Livestock Department.
We look forward to working with you this year.

This year, we had a really warm New Year's holiday, but how did you all spend your time?
Now, 2024 is the year of the Paris Olympics!
Although I am a casual fan, I am personally interested in judo and basketball, and it may be just for the time being, but when I see athletes working hard, I feel like I have to try my best too! That's how you feel!

This year, 2024, I am thinking of doing my best at the ranch! That is "cooperation and cooperation"! I would like to collaborate and cooperate with my colleagues in the agriculture and livestock department as well as the staff and cast members of Tira Farm to improve the landscape of the farm and aim to create a farm that customers will say is beautiful and that they would like to come back again. Masu.

Ark Tategamori Farm is in the season when many flowers bloom from now until early spring, and the sheep, red deer, and ponies that live on the farm are looking forward to your visit, so please bring your family, close friends, Or feel free to come by yourself and enjoy.

All the staff at the farm look forward to your visit.

Hiroshi Sasaki, Agricultural and Livestock Department, ARC Co., Ltd.

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