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This year's resolution is "health"

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Happy New Year! My name is Teppei Yajima from the Pig Farming Division of Ark Co., Ltd.

Thank you for your continued support this year.

Last year (2023), I myself had many cases of coronavirus, gastroenteritis, and injuries due to carelessness. The reason may be that it was a real disaster (lol). From this, last year was a year in which I realized the importance of "health."

That's why I've decided that my resolution for this year is to be healthy.

I believe that health is the key to everything. If you are not healthy, you cannot work or play to your satisfaction! This year, I want to make the most of my work and private life, so above all, I want to stay healthy. First of all, I would like to start by being careful when driving on this snowy road in Fujisawa!

In addition, the aspiration to be "healthy" also has another meaning.

This is because in order for the pigs to grow big and produce delicious meat, it is essential that the pigs are healthy. With this goal in mind, let's work hard so that the pigs can live a healthy life and that everyone can eat healthy and delicious meat! It has a meaning.

The cold weather continues, but let's keep people and pigs healthy by being careful about accidents and their physical condition.

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