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2024 Charity Pork Show was held

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Our first event of the year, a charity pork show, was held on January 19th (Friday) at a hotel in Ichinoseki City.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, this event has been held only for employees for the past three years, but now that we have moved to Category 5, it has been a grand event with guests and business partners in attendance for the first time in a while. Ta.

This year marks the 27th Charity Pork Show. In keeping with the wishes of our founder, Teruo Hashimoto, our products will be sold at auction and the entire proceeds will be delivered to the recipient as a donation.

This year's charity pork show had a total of 280 people. As the event returned to its original form for the first time in four years, it became a huge success, with a total of over 2.17 million yen, the highest ever, collected.

This donation will be delivered to the Ichinoseki Social Welfare Council, Ashinaga Ikueikai, and those affected by the earthquake in the Noto region.

Sales Department/Western Japan Sales Office Oka

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