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Tomorrow is cold weather, cold eggs

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The period from the beginning of cold weather to the day before the first day of spring is called ``Kan-no-uchi,'' and eggs laid during this period are called ``Kantamago.''
Modern chickens have been bred and are able to lay eggs all year round, but in the past, chickens could not lay eggs during the cold season.
For this reason, eggs laid during what is said to be the coldest period of the year are considered to be one of the rare and precious eggs, and are considered to be full of nutrients that were born despite the cold weather.
Eggs laid during the ``Great Cold'' are called ``Daikan Tamago'' (deep cold eggs).
In Feng Shui, eating large cold eggs is said to have the effect of good health and increasing financial luck.
It is prized as a lucky charm.

Tomorrow, we will be selling cold eggs in limited quantity at the farm market.

We'll be expecting you.

↑Nela in captivity

↑Okazaki Ohan

Kazunori Haga

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