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``Hey, we say ``anpan,'' ``white bread,'' and ``curry bread.'' The three of us (heads) together are called ``3 buns.'' Normally, adult males fight when they're in the same room. We've been together since we were little, so we're good friends♪"

``Our job is to encourage mother pigs and future mothers to come into heat by walking in front of them every day so that they can feel the male's pheromones.Then, the mother pigs will come into heat and the piglets will grow. It will give birth to a lot of!”

"Insemination involves artificial insemination, but the role we play in getting the mother pig into heat is also very important."

“We will do our best so that many healthy piglets are born!”

Fujisawa Farm Breeding Pig Farm's Idol Anpan, White Bread, Curry Bread

Writer Fujisawa Farm Shuhei Ikeda

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