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Lately, we have had many opportunities to hear the word poikatsu.

Those of you who use the Ark Tategamori online shop may already know this, but I would like to introduce a few points.

1% of the purchase price will be automatically earned as points.
Accumulated points can be exchanged for Ark Tategamori products. Points will be awarded after the product is shipped.

[How to exchange points]
・You can exchange points with 500 points or more.
・When shopping online, click on ``Point Exchange Items'' under ``Delivery Requests'' and enter the quantity for the item you want.

[If you only want to exchange points]
・Please enter the desired replacement product in "Inquiry details" under "Inquiry".
・If you use 2,000 points or more, shipping is free; if you use less than 2,000 points, shipping will be charged.

*Points cannot be used for payment. Also, it cannot be used in conjunction with other Ark Tategamori point services. note that.
*Please note that if you choose a replacement item with a different temperature range than the purchased item, it will be shipped separately and shipping charges will apply.

Customers who use regular flights for the first time will receive 500 points, those who continue 19 times will receive double the usual points, and during the gift season, those who apply early will receive 300 points, etc.

Replacement products are listed on our online shop.

Please take advantage of the opportunity to earn points and exchange them for your favorite products.

Marketing Department Tamae Abe

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